crowdfunding to study in china


Hi! My name is Lucas. I'm a Brazilian composer and music student. I compose concert and experimental music, songs, soundtracks. I hold a degree in Composition at Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil), where I also finished a master's degree with a thesis about Henri Pousseur, serialism and non-Western music.


This year (2022) I was granted with a full scholarship to do a second master's degree in China! (Well, I couldn't find a PhD in my field that accept people without fluent Chinese). It's all already ready to my departure and the begin of my course at Nanjing University of the Arts. There's only a last thing: I can't afford the flight from Brazil to China and the scholarship doesn't cover it neither the quarantine expenses during my first 10 days there. So I'm doing this crowdfunding.


My departure is planned for October/November this year (the exact date only depends on when it's cheaper). From September until my departure I'll attend to online Chinese classes offer by the university.

how much

Ticket for October/November: R$6.514 (about US$1260).
Quarantine and first month in China: R$7.000 (about US$1500) (value estimated by the university).
Total: ~R$14.314 (about US$3200)
How much I have: R$6.000 (about US$1200)
How much I need: R$10.000 (about US$2000)

how to support

Pix (only in Brazil):

Use o qrcode acima ou copie e cole este código para transferir via pix: Lucas na China5204000053039865802BR5925LUCAS FILIPE ALVES DE OLI6011SETE LAGOAS622905251cfzCd5ZizCQT9IJEXWpOOm8B63047119



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Earned | R$6886,00 (~US$1277,00)

until 23/08: R$4500,00 (~US$881,00)
24/08: +R$30 +R$50 +R$100
25/08: +0
26/08: +0
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17/10: +R$0

Goal 1 (ticket) until 23th September

R$6.610,00 (~US$1260,00)

update: I bought the ticket
Next goal: Visa: +R$800,00 (~US$153)

Goal 2 (+quarantine, +visa) until 23th October

~R$14.410,00 (~US$3200,00)


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